Coming up very soon, I have work in three exhibitions opening in quick succession. They are:
Painting Still alumni group exhibition at the Adelaide College of Arts from May 27 – June 24;
Illumination with Audrey Emery and Lizzy Emery at Pepper Street Community Arts Centre from May 28 – June 18,
and Dress Code: Pattern alongside Max Callaghan, Simone Kennedy, Mady Steniford and Mike Fleming from June 3 – June 22.

another detail

The Exquisite Build was developed in collaboration with Barry Magazinovic and Chloe Noble as an art room for SA LA LA LAND installed at ARTHUR Art Bar for this year’s SALA Festival.  Developed in intuitive collaboration, The Exquisite Build is an improvised work composed of a range of materials and inspired by the Surrealist game cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). 

Continues through August 2020 at 66 Currie Street, Adelaide.

Detail: Melanie Cooper, acrylic yarn, spray and house paint.


chair arthur

Melanie Cooper and Scarlett Dobbin, Intervention with Chair, 2020. Chair and found objects, enamel spray paint. Fabric shapes by Ray Harris.





Detail: Guts ache, 2019, acrylic on hessian.

Melanie’s third solo exhibition, The Other Side of Silence, was held at the Collective Haunt, Inc. Gallery from 23 May – 29 June 2019.

Play list:

Textile works –

Dodged a bullet

Taste the floor

Guts ache

Acrylic paintings on canvas –

Nothing beautiful

Heaving Mass

Outer limits

The other side of silence


City Solace High

Rupture, splitting into rapture



Melanie’s second solo exhibition titled Reset and Resist is currently showing at Floating Goose Studios in Adelaide (2017)

and a link to the Floating Goose Gallery page is here:


Right:   Front window.

Left: Back view of Untitled 2017, acrylic and wool on hessian, 115 x 87 cm


Left:  Exile, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm and Cross my heart, 2017, acrylic, silk and wool on hessian, 99 x 133 cm.

Right: Terra Firma, 2017, acrylic and wool on hessian, 108 x 88 cm.